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We're Engaged!

We're Engaged!

Let me just say, I  still haven’t fully grasped that it is here; I am writing the words: We’re Engaged! While we were visiting Nashville, TN last weekend, Kevin got down on one knee, and in the most romantic way, asked if I will marry him. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect moment. Im sharing the full story below (mainly so that I never forget a single detail) but, I also wanted to share a few updates on the past week since we’ve been engaged!

I have heard from everyone that the process can be stressful or overwhelming, and mostly that it passes by in an instant and I want to be sure to remember all of how we felt so that I don’t blink and find that it’s all over! In this season of our lives that will never be here again, I am more then happy to soak in every special moment.

THE TRIP:  Nashville has been one of the most fun places we have ever visited. Both of us have visited 3 times in the last year and a half. We had the trip to planned for a couple of months with two of our best friends, my brother and sister-in-law, and a few of their friends as well. Some of the group haven’t visited before, so while we were planning we were coming up with all of our favorite stuff to do while visiting  so we could have a loose itinerary of what to do when we got there. On the top of the list was hitting up all the best bars on Broadway for live music, do the Pedal Tavern and visit the incredibly beautiful Arrington Vineyards. A couple months before the trip Kevin decided he was going to propose while we were down there.

HOW HE ASKED: The day started like any other day we were down there,  (to Kevin’s annoyance the group decided the best day to go to the vineyard was Saturday, 3 days into our trip!) relaxing at the air bnb, having a few mimosas, playing card games and packing up snacks and sandwiches for a picnic before we left. Everyone on the trip had known that Kevin was planning on proposing except for me. I did think he was a little quiet that morning, but when I he said he had a little stomach ache (lol!) and I thought he was probably just a little hung over. My friend said she could tell how nervous he was all weekend and especially that morning. When she walked by our room he was sitting on the edge of the bed, staring at himself in the mirror, sweating. Thinking about it always makes me laugh because I had no clue about any of this going on!

We had to take two cars to the vineyard so the boys went in one car and the girls in another. With everyone already knowing what the rest of the day entailed the men took a quick detour to a cigar shop to pick up some some celebratory “stogies” (heir word, not mine). Once we all got there, we walked up to the shop and tasting bar at the top of the hill to pick out some wine. Kevin went straight for a bottle of the Kinsley Reserve and I opted to do a tasting flight. We picked a couple of picnic tables in the middle of the hill next to a bench swing and a large tree for some shade. It overlooked the vineyard below and rolling hills of farmland in the distance. Kevin was quickly downing a bottle of wine while I was eating cheese and crackers, chips and salsa and lazily tasting my 4 wines. (I think I might have even told Kevin to chill out because how quickly his bottle of wine was emptying!) After some time of just hanging out listening to country music the group slowly started to disperse a little bit. Kevin and I sat on the swing as our two friends, Mike and Emily, went for a walk down into the vineyard. 

Mike and Emily were taking some touristy pictures and Kevin asked if I wanted to go down to see what they were up to. I took of my shoes and walked barefoot down the hill with Kevin. As we were approaching our friends, Kevin started to slow his pace, he stopped and even ate one of the grapes. At the time i just thought he was walking slow. I had no idea he was stalling trying to create distance between us and them. Unbeknownst to me, Kevin gave them a little signal to get out of there, and since they knew what was about to happen the popped over to the next row of vines and we started heading back to the picnic area. Kevin, still walking painfully slow was behind me and asked if there was anything else I wanted to do while we were in Nashville. After listing some of the things I was looking forward to I asked him, "what about you?” And he responded by saying “Well there is just one more thing I wanted to do….” I couldn’t see him and he didn’t say anything else so I think I said something like “Oh, yah? Like what?” and as I turned around he was on one knee with a ring box and said “Will you marry me?”

I think a straight minute went by before I could even respond and the first think I said through my sobbing was “are you kidding me?”  He had to ask me again, well will you? And I finally started nodding yes. 

I can’t recall a happier time in my life than the moment I realized that man I have loved since I was 18, for the last 8.5 years of my life, was asking me to be his wife. It was such a romantic afternoon that the two of us got to spend together with some of the people we love most cheering and popping champagne up on the hill watching over from a distance.

Engagement Shoot

Engagement Shoot