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I'm documenting my personal adventures and talking macrame, branding, business, and design.

FAQ - All Your Questions Answered!

FAQ - All Your Questions Answered!

Large Rectangular Macrame

Did you catch all that?

Hey All! As promised, below is a recap of my Instagram Live. I tried to answer all your messages and DMs regarding macrame, marketing, and all the things in between. In case you missed the live Q&A (or just need the spark notes), I compiled the most FAQ and answers for you below!

Where do you get your rope?

I order almost all of my rope for Knot & Rope Supply. I  use a wide range of sizes but my favorite might be the 1/4 3-strand twist. I love the wavy texture of the rope when your unravel it. 

Do you have any tips for unraveling?

Unfortunately, I don’t have any tips. Grab a glass of wine and turn on the tv 😉 🍷. If you really hate unraveling you can always order the string instead of rope from Knot & Rope Supply.

How do you calculate how much rope to use?

The first time I make a design I try over estimate so that I never run out. I try to have a plan before I start a design so I know if I plan on doing a ton of knots on one layer I need a lot more length. The more often you do a specific design the better you will get at guessing. My measuring system is pretty much just 1,2,3 or 4 arms lengths depending on what I am working on.

How to keep your Instagram "alive" when on vacation?

I plan out my posts ahead of time. Making sure that I have a good balance of photos. I like to use a grid planning app where you can schedule, write captions and save hashtags to save time. 

How do you ship your macramé?

I roll them and ship them in boxes I order from amazon. Most of the time I use USPS unless they are exceptionally large then I have found FedEx or UPS to be cheaper.

How do you get some many followers?

First of all, I still think I have a long way to go, but I try to keep a consistent theme to keep my profile looking aesthetically pleasing. Posting good quality photos has been a game changer for me. When I was ready to take it from hobby to business I invested in a new camera and tripod, but you don’t necessarily need this. The best way to make sure you get a good photo is making sure the room is well lit with natural light. I also try to make sure my personality shines through and my voice is heard. I like to think a lot of people are following because of their interest in me personally, as well as macrame. I try to respond to every comment or DM whenever I can.

Photo editing apps?

On my phone I love to use Snapseed for quick and fast editing. If I have more time I like to edit on my computer using Lightroom.

How do you keep track of your expenses?

Check out my blog post on 4 Tips For Taking Control of Your Small Business Finaces.

Do you sell patterns or make tutorials?

I do not sell patterns YET. Mostly because I want to offer my customers unique designs that are truly one of a kind. I have thought about making some basic knotting tutorials and selling beginner patterns for people interested in starting to learn, so stay tuned!

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