Hi, I'm Kelly.

Fiber artist & creative director behind the Dope Rope.

I'm documenting my personal adventures and talking macrame, branding, business, and design.

Making the Move

Making the Move

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We’re starting a new chapter

402 miles away in a brand new city.

This year has been the fasted year of my life! Getting engaged, planing a wedding, taking an amazing Grecian honeymoon, and now moving! My husband (☺️) has accepted a new job that requires us to relocate 6.5 hours south. We're waving goodbye to Upsate NY and heading south to Alexandria, VA 📍 right outside of DC just days after christmas! We just signed a new lease that offers me my own studio space so Dope Rope can continue to grow and thrive.

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We visited Alexandria for the first time this weekend and love how much it has to offer. There are tons of shops and restaurants, as well as a thriving artist community all within walking distance of our new home! I’m excited to find my new coffee shop and explore the area while walking my dog through the streets. Of coarse, I’m going to need to find a new place to collect sticks & driftwood, but being on the Potomac River and close to the Chesapeake Bay and ocean is promising.

We’re currently living in a 1 bedroom apartment where we live and work on top of one another. My “studio” is right in our living room. I have rope inventory and boxes for shipping stuffed into all closets of the house with not much storage room for anything thing else. Our new place offers more storage room, a bigger outdoor space, and a separate room for Dope Rope Studio all on it’s own.

With this new move comes a new chapter for Dope Rope. As of now I have maintained another job that I worked at 2 days a week. Come Jan 1 I will solely be pursuing Dope Rope as my full time gig! My goals are to offer more behind the scenes content, new designs, and even more DIY materials such as patterns and kits to compliment the popular rope & string supplies.

This feels like such a revitalizing refresh that comes at an already pivotal time of year for change. We are looking forward to this new adventure and all that it brings.

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Wedding & Honeymoon Pictures

West Elm x Dope Rope Pop Up Shop

West Elm x Dope Rope Pop Up Shop