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Collaboration: A Desert Gypsy Bridal Shoot

Collaboration: A Desert Gypsy Bridal Shoot

Collaborating on a bridal shoot has been on my to-do / wish-list for sometime now, so when Cassie from Cassandra Daye Photography asked me to be a part of ther "Desert Gypsy" themed shoot I was beyong thrilled. 


Collaborating is such a imporant part of growing your business and getting exposure, so I try to say yes to all opportuties that seem like a good fit. Because this photoshoot was pulling together so many wonderful vendors from the Capital region, I knew I just had to be involved. I really love the wedding industry and hope by doing this shoot I get more opportunties to work with brides and vendors in the Albany, Troy, and Saratoga area.

Macrame Wedding backdrop fireplace

Attending this shoot was SO fun. I was certainly a little nervous since it was my first time taking part in something like this, but I honestly can't wait to do it again. It was great to meet  so many wonderful local visionaries and business owners. One thing I learned by doing this shoot is to have a voice. When you're collaborating with other creatives it's important to make sure your ideas are heard. Everyone is contributing and has their own vision so if there is something you think would work great ... speak up

wedding details

When we were styling the set up it really got me thinking about all the little things that go into making a wedding special. By featuring macrame pieces and other handmade treasures into the styling of someone's big day, it really makes it special. It goes above and beyond napkin colors and flowers, it's way more personal. The vibe becomes more whimsical and eclectic, which I totally love. I think it's these small details that make a wedding more romantic.

rish bridal


Photography: Cassandra Daye @cassandradayephotography
Location: Lucas Confectionery, Troy, NY @12secondstreet
Model/MUA: Sophia @fifisdiary
Model: Dave
Gown: Rish Bridal @rish_bridal
Hair Stylist: Erica Maloy @beautyby_e
Florals/tablescape: @poppytreefloral
Calligraphy: Handmade Darling @handmadedarling
Rugs/pillows/fabrics: Rov Imports @rovimports
Macrame: the Dope Rope @dope_rope_
Wood Accents: Weathered Wood @weatheredwoodtroy
Accessories: Copper Fox Shop @copperfoxshop_troy


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